Burning Bridges by Noise Arcade

Noise Arcade, “Burning Bridges”

‘Burning Bridges’ builds on Noise Arcade’s well documented soundscapes of pulsing beats and ethereal melodies, drenched in layers after layer of glitch and digital fallacy. Yet while the architectural may seem familiar the interior design fresh and vibrant, one minute hypnotic soothing and the next cerebral and urgent. While devoid of lyrics the titles of the tracks themselves cryptically hint at the stories being told through the drum machines, bass synths, and army of effects pedals used to produce this album: “An Entrance of a Different Sort”, “Uncalculated Errors”, “The Shame Game”, and “No Going Back”. As Noise Arcade himself explains, “Undergoing the transformations that life may bring, one finds that situations weren’t what they seemed and it only really takes one event to change everything. You can pick up one end of the stick but will never know how the other end will react once you do.” Indeed where this sonic journey begins and where it arrives roughly forty-odd minutes later are world’s apart, the metaphorical butterfly triggering a tornado.

Released October 17, 2017

Music by Michael Cupoli
Artwork by Candice Men
Layout by William Griffith
Recorded March 10, 2017