Though he acts as guitarist, trumpet player, and keyboardist for Delhi’s impossible to categorise PCRC, and as vocalist and guitarist for warped pop three piece Begum, Kartik is mostly found at home making more music, seemingly at odds with what that kind of workload would seem to present as a demand on one’s time. His solo project Jamblu began in 2014. [album name] presents his third release - after tours across Europe, China, and of course India - and it would appear that his well of creativity is just beginning to be excavated. His music touches on low slung hip hop, long ambient passages, and sharp percussive rushes to create something both unsettling and seductive. In listening to it, one may feel unsure whether to bob their head or to place said head on a shelf for a more reflexive assessment.

Jamblu is Kartik Pillai.

JAMBLU "TDFDTU" is out March 1st 2017 on Heavy Lark.