All Of My Bodies by Holy Hum

Holy Hum - All Of My Bodies

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

All Of My Bodies
Flower In The Snow
Heavy Lark
Sex At 31

White Buzz
Ready To Have It
Mellotron Doom


Extended Digital Album: 

All Of My Bodies
Yoo Duk Lee
Flower In The Snow
Heavy Lark
Sex At 31
Joseph Pt. 2
White Buzz
Sun Breaking
Ready To Have It
Space and Time
Mellotron Doom


released October 6, 2017

All Of My Bodies was written by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee
recorded, engineered and produced by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee 
w/ Nicholas Wilbur and Ash Poon 
mixed by Colin Stewart and Andrew Yong Hoon Lee
and mastered by Harris Newman
'White Buzz' was recorded at 'The Unknown' in Anacortes, WA by Nicholas Wilbur

Performed by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee, Ash Poon, Ryan Flowers and Robert Tornroos

Additional accompaniment: 

Vocals by
Kathryn Calder (Flower In The Snow, Sex At 31) 
Jacqueline Klassen (All Of My Bodies) 
Allyson Foster (White Buzz) 
Andrea Lo (Time and Space) 

Cello by Brian Chan (Flower In The Snow, Ready To Have It, Mellotron Doom) 
Piano by Angela Seo (Flower In The Snow, Sun Breaking, Time and Space) 
Clarinet by Caroline Gauthier (Ready To Have It) 
Flute by Evin Opp (Flower In The Snow) 

Without you this record would not have been possible:  
Jacqueline Klassen, Yoo Duk Lee, Austin, Akiko, Brian, Marcia, Ben, Emilie, Patrick, Khan Lee, Mr. Bowen Steve Watts, Tim The Mute, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Paul Hiebert, Mark Soo. 

This album is dedicated to Joo Won Lee (1948 - 2011)

Thanks for listening.

With Love,


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