Daniel Terrence Robertson is a Vancouver-based composer and multi-instrumentalist whose gentle voice, tender intuition and high-art deliberation are remarkably resonant. Early creative efforts saw Robertson help found the Vancouver post-rock ensemble Heard In The Mountains, recording their debut with Jonathan Anderson (We Are The City, Aidan Knight, Andy Shauf), and touring throughout western Canada. Further collaborations include Jocelyn Price (Do Tell, Jordan Klassen) and Francesca Belcourt (Mu).

With time, Robertson’s clairvoyant interior world has been nurtured; a world of melancholy, intrepid love, and uncertainty of being. Drawing on classical and experimental influences, Robertson composes and records in solitude. And from this solitude, unflinching songs emerge, forming a retrospective geography of his internal and physical spaces: a childhood living room; the woods of Birken, BC; a haunted Japantown bedroom; a Bowen Island lodge.

Debut album "Death" out October 7, 2016.