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Daniel Terrence Robertson is a Vancouver-based composer and artist.

Daniel Terrence Robertson is a Vancouver-based composer and multi-instrumentalist whose gentle voice and tender intuition are remarkably resonant. His artistic practice is informed by his work amidst the overdose crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, in low barrier care and overdose prevention. His sophomore album Impossible Real Mighty weaves the loss and radical empathy he has witnessed with hushed voices, arrays of synthesizers and creaking piano. The album unfurls as a delicate and complex ode to renewal.

Following his Polaris-nominated 2016 debut Death, Daniel has shared stages with Homeshake, Dralms, Holy Hum, Francesca Belcourt, and Look Vibrant. He is a member of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble, and a collaborator in the projects Holy Hum and Crack Cloud."