Crooked Walking PressPic.jpg

Crooked Walking is music made by Tim Rich, an electro acoustic composer from Vancouver, BC. Tim’s earliest exposure to music was from his mother, Ruth Dallas Rich, an accomplished songwriter and performer. Tim grew up focused drums, percussion, playing live music, and producing albums for his bands and others. Early on Tim was exposed to artists like Brian Eno, Mum, and Matmos who he found exciting for their ability to create moving compositions while combining electronic and acoustic sound. More recently, Tim has found artists like James Holden, Ben Frost, and Nils Frahm compelling for carrying those ideas forward in dynamic new
Tim now primarily composes using modular and vintage synthesizers, his mother’s refurbished Wurlitzer 200a, and recorded sound. The modular, in particular, finds its way into every corner of his work. Though his compositions are largely sequenced, synthesized, and morphed, Tim draws strong inspiration from the physical world around him. The striking juxtaposition of mountains, forest, and city found in Vancouver can be seen from outside Tim’s studio window – it has a constant effect on mood and tone.

Tim has composed pieces for several video dance projects (Continuum and the Panic Attack series), creates content for his YouTube and Instagram channels, and is working toward studio releases.