D+D+S+F by Citizen Hands

Citizen Hands - D+D+S+F

During a rough time full of break ups and breakdowns, Citizen Hands was an excuse to drink, smoke and blow off steam. To cover up their high level of intoxication they played loud and dirty, and if a song wasn't finished within 30 minutes it was scrapped. Influenced by the music of their teenaged years like Nirvana and Sonic Youth, the band embraces melodic textures of feedback, noise and distortion to shape a groggy sonic landscape.

D+D+S+F was recorded live off the floor in Anacortes, Washington at The Unknown by Nicholas Wilbur (Mt. Eerie, Lake, Hungry Cloud Darkening) to 2" tape. During the recording sessions, an angry storm knocked out power to the entire town. This forced the trio to record the songs as minimally as possible to conserve backup power. No editing, no click tracks, no computer screens, and only one overdub per song.

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